Boat Transport services with Easier & Free Quotes on Shipedi

Finding reliable Boat transport services is now easy and affordable! With Shipedi, you can easily find reliable boat transport services by requesting a free quote with simple steps and saving more than 75% on the cost. Moreover, with Shipedi, you can easily find carriers to transport your favourite floating asset of any size and model to any corner of Europe and the UK.
Compare prices and services from various transporters, read reviews and choose the best services for your boat shipping needs. Find the top-notch solutions to process international and domestic transportation reliably and quickly.

What is The Boat Transport Cost?

The Boat transport prices depend on various factors such as distance, Size, and boat weight. However, in general, boat transport in the UK can cost from 100 to 250 pounds for shorter distances and 400 to 700 pounds for longer distances. To find out about the shipping cost to other European countries, you can request a free quote to get an accurate estimation, as each region’s price differs.

How To Prepare For Boat Transport?

Prepare everything for the boat transporter and ensure it is ready for delivery. Indeed you and the transport company will benefit from pre-planning for boat transport.

  • Take your items out of the boat, yacht, or sailboat.
  • Empty all of the boat’s tanks of water and fuel. Remove the drain plugs as well.
  • Secure all loose items and cables.
  • Close all hatches to prevent water damage while the boat is in transit.
  • Disconnect all batteries inside the boat.
  • Please take pictures of the boat from different sides; it will help you compare the boat’s condition before and after its delivery.

How To Transport Your Boat Using Shipedi?

Post Your Listing On Shipedi 

Creating a list by requesting a free quote and selecting boats from the category list is very simple. Moreover, You will need to describe your boat transport details, such as the boat’s size, length, model with pickup, and delivery locations. A detailed listing will give you accurate quotes where you can choose the best one. What’s even better is that these quotes are free. If you decide not to select any transport provider, you don’t need to pay any fee.

Review The Quotes 

After listing the boat, transporters will send you their offers. Look through these quotes, compare their boat transport prices and services, and read their previous client reviews. This will help you select the best offer for you. Moreover, contact the transport service providers with questions and clear up your doubts by checking their license and insurance policy documents.

After choosing the best quote to transport your boat, you can give them all the details. Such as the exact locations, time, and other important information about the transport process. To make the delivery process more manageable, follow the instructions given by the transport provider about pickup and delivery.

Our team is available 24/7 for any problems you may encounter. Request a free quote now, and let us provide you with the top-notch boat transport services in the UK and Europe!