Shipping Musical Instruments with 75% Discount on Shipedi

We found that shipping musical instruments, especially massive ones like Pianos, can be daunting and expensive. It is essential to transfer musical instruments, small or big, with professional shipping companies that are reliable and affordable. Additionally, Finding a carrier to deliver your item safely and securely takes time and effort.

Shipedi is here to take the hassle out of transporting musical instruments and offer you peace of mind with more than a 75% discount. By requesting a free quote, you can receive offers from top-rate transport companies in the UK. As a result, you can choose the best offer based on their prices and services.

How does shipping musical instruments works?

Shipping musical instruments or music-related equipment by air, road, or sea is often done for many purposes, such as repair, concerts, recording sessions, music festivals, or other events.

In addition to the items’ size, value, and distance, there are several ways to ship musical instruments and equipment. 

  • Some companies ship musical instruments and equipment by road. Companies like these often handle and transport delicate or valuable items with specialized equipment and expertise.
  • Transporting instruments and equipment by road involves using trucks or other ground transportation. It can effectively ship shorter or longer distances, especially items you can not send by air.

Packing and securing musical instruments and equipment is essential to prevent damage during shipping. Packaging may involve using foam or bubble wrap and ensuring the items are in a hard case. 

How To Prepare Your Instruments For Shipping?

Due to their delicate nature, instruments require careful and secure transportation. You must carefully prepare before you ship musical instruments with couriers. No matter what size the musical instrument is, big or small, it would be best if you do the following:

  • Ensure your musical instruments for travel. Ask the musical instrument transport company what coverage they provide.
  •  If you want to ship stringed instruments like a guitar, then loosen the strings before packing musical instruments for shipping.
  •  Use extra padding when wrapping and securing your expensive instruments for transport.
  •  Use ‘Fragile’ labels on the packaging.
  •  Your instrument’s packaging should have your contact information on it.
  •  Consult the transport company about any instrument requirements.

We want to match you with the best transportation for musical instrument services in the UK and Europe. You only need to request a free quote and wait for the transporters to send you their offers.

What are the steps to get free quotes to Ship Musical Instruments?

Post A Listing 

For listing and shipping musical instruments, click get free quotes and describe the instruments you need to ship. Include the type, the weight, and any special instructions the company needs to follow. The more details you add, the more accurate the quotes you receive will be.

Review The Quotes 

Consider the quotes you have received and choose the one that meets your needs. Additionally, Check the company’s online reviews and see how customers feel about their services. Contact them and ask any questions you might have.

Choose a Reliable Shipping Company 

After getting your answers and checking the customer reviews, you can accept the quote. Start working with the company and follow all the instructions they give you to have smooth musical instrument transport.


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When shipping musical instruments, it’s better to request free quotes on a marketplace such as Shipedi, where hundreds of transport companies are registered. The advantage of an online shipping marketplace over an individual transport company is that you can receive many offers. Based on those additional quotes you can decide and choose the best transport company which can give you peace of mind.