Pet Transport With 75% Discount on Shipedi

Pet Transport can be nerve-racking, not just for you but also for your pet. Our goal is to make the process simple, efficient and affordable. We provide quality service to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet. It doesn’t matter what domestic animal you must transport: cats, dogs, horses, etc. We have you covered.

Pet transport companies under Shipedi have professional drivers with years of experience in pet shipping services. The drivers know how to make your pet’s journey a stress-free experience for you and your pet. We use the latest equipment to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet.

Additionally, our vast network of pet transporters will enable you to get the cheapest pet transport provider. Therefore, request a free quote with a 75% discount for shipping your furry friend throughout the UK and Europe.

What are the Steps to prepare for pet transport?

In our experience, the following are some essential steps for pet transport locally or internationally.

Steps for Moving your pet locally:

  • It’s better to make sure your pet has updated vaccination
  • Make sure the pet has all the essential health certificates
  • It’s best to identify the pet with microchipping and tags
  • Provide medical records and information regarding your pet if there are any
  • If any of the pets require any special care during transport, let the company know in advance
  • Pack all the essential items, such as medication and toys

Finally, with Shipedi, you can choose a reputable and reliable pet transporter to ensure your pet’s safety and well-being during shipping.

Steps for Moving your pet Internationally:

  • Cleaning the pet: Cleaning your pet is essential for you and your furry friend before shipping.
  • Proper comfortable strapping: to prevent the pet’s moving during the journey, ensure it’s adequately strapped and comfortable. You may also use any comfortable cage or kennel if the pet is not pleased with a strap.
  • Avoid overeating: Feed your pet 3 hours before the transportation to avoid any type of sickness during the journey.
  • Calm the pet before the journey: Plan different methods ahead of the trip to calm your pet, whether medically or by walking it with other pets. Additionally, you may discuss it with its vet. Train them with a travel kennel. Having a familiar environment will make everything less stressful for them.
  • Prepare all the essential documents: Carrying a valid travel document and passport is a must for your pet, as well as the pet’s medical records and certificates.
  • Microchipping: Putting Microchip and tag on your pet is essential across the EU and UK
  • Medication for the pet: If your pet is under any particular medicines, provide the meds with specific details and their use.

What type of services do pet transport couriers provide?

A pet taxi or another licensed pet transportation service is necessary if you’re importing a pet or cannot transport it yourself. Additionally, make sure that pet transport providers are DEFRA License holders. They provide insurance and have experience with different breeds of animals.

Pet movers offer a variety of services. Some transport companies will provide your puppy with all-inclusive treatment, including exercise, food, and air conditioning. For short distances, others offer a simple door-to-door service.

Additionally, some pet transport companies may offer pet care and boarding services.

While pets are in the care of pet transport companies, some may provide additional services such as cleaning, nutrition, and activities. It is best to check with individual companies to see their services since not all pet transport companies offer this. Generally, pet transport companies provide transportation services for pets, not other types of care.

When listing your pet for transport on Shipedi, try different pet transport service providers to see their services. Additionally, find out which transport company is suitable for your needs. After receiving free quotes, you can ask several questions to ensure a comfortable journey for your pet.

Pickup and delivery of pets

Pet transport service providers will pick up the pet from your home or any other given location and deliver it to your destination. It is the best approach, mainly when you cannot transport the pet or are not allowed to, especially when traveling long distances.

Some pet transport companies may also provide pet boarding, pet grooming, veterinary care, customized crates and carriers, and door-to-door pick-and-drop services.

Before accepting a quote, you can find out about the transport provider’s services. Additionally, they might charge extra for extra services; therefore, you may select any essential service for you and your pet.

How to List a pets for Transportation?

Post Your Listing for pet transport

Requesting a free quote will allow you to list pet transport. Select the pets category and fill in the blanks by following the instructions on the page. Afterward, please describe what you need in detail; it will help you get accurate quotes from the transport companies.

Review The Quotes 

Transport companies will send you free quotes. Afterward, decide on the company you want to choose for your pet transport job. Look at the company’s public profile and check its reviews before your selection.

Accept A Quote 

Choose the company you want to hire and accept their quote. You can then talk about the specific details of the job. Follow all the pet transport company’s instructions to help you and your pet, and make the journey quick, safe, and comfortable.


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