Furniture Shipping – Get Free Quotes From Top Furniture Movers

We found that when people need furniture shipping, they always fear the delay and the high cost of furniture transport service. Therefore, the cheapest way to transport furniture with an excellent pickup-to-delivery experience is possible by comparing multiple quotes from various transporters. Shipedi is here to help connect you with the top furniture delivery service that will provide unmatched solutions at the lowest shipping rates. Moreover, our reverse auction bidding system will allow you to save more than 75% on shipping costs.

Choosing Shipedi makes the shipping process of your furniture more manageable. We will match you with the best transport companies in the UK. Get free quotes now, choose the transporting service provider that meets your requirements, and get the job done with peace of mind.

Why Choose Shipedi for Furniture Shipping?

In our experience, people are always interested in saving on their furniture shipping costs. Therefore, Shipedi uses a reverse auction bidding system to offer the cheapest way to ship furniture. You will get offers from multiple transport companies by listing your furniture in simple steps to explain the services you need. You will then compare their prices, services, insurance policy, speed of delivery, and reviews from their previous customers. As a result, you can get the transporter of your choice and transport your furniture with peace of mind.

We verify all the transport companies that contact you on Shipedi. By verifying each company, we can guarantee that your services will be high-quality, secure, and the best in the UK.

How much does furniture delivery cost?

As we tested, furniture shipping prices on Shipedi are lower in the market. Moreover, several factors influence the cost of furniture shipping. Generally, shipping furniture locally can cost between 70 and 200; however, shipping overseas costs between 250 and 550 on Shipedi.

To understand what can affect the cost of furniture transport services, we have listed the following factors:

Furniture delivery speed: The speed of furniture delivery can influence the price. Therefore, delivery options, such as furniture delivery same day or overnight shipping, can get higher rates than standard furniture delivery solutions. Thus, being flexible with the transporter when getting your furniture can save you on shipping costs.

Distance: As stated in the general rate earlier, the distance your furniture travels will still impact the cost of moving it. Longer distances generally result in higher shipping costs due to increased fuel and labour expenses for packaging and special arrangements.

Weight and Size: Size matters; therefore, more extensive and heavier furniture that requires extra space or an even bigger truck will add additional cost to the shipping price. Furniture shipping companies calculate the cost based on the weight and dimensions of your furniture. We recommend disassembling the larger pieces and making them extra compact to lower the shipping cost.

Packaging: Packaging is essential to protect furniture from damage during transportation. Therefore, using specialized packaging materials to protect fragile or valuable items increases shipping costs. Transporters on Shipedi offer white-glove furniture delivery services to help you disassemble and package your furniture.

Seasonality and Access Challenges: Furniture Shipping rates may change during particular seasons, especially winters, as access to different locations is challenging due to icy roads. Moreover, inaccessible or remote places will affect the shipping cost, requiring additional labour and equipment.

Preparation tips for Furniture shipping

It is essential to prepare your furniture properly for smooth and efficient delivery. Therefore, we find in our test the following tips the most accurate:

  • Before shipping, make sure to take pictures. If your furniture gets damaged during transportation, these pictures can prove the furniture’s condition before shipping.
  • Clean your furniture before shipping; it will help you spot existing damage.
  • Properly package it with protective materials such as bubble wrap or crate it to save it from scratches during transportation.
  • Reduce the size of large furniture, which can be disassembled into smaller pieces to make it easy to package and transport.

Things to consider after the furniture arrival:

Upon successful delivery of your furniture, inspect each piece for scratches or damage. You can compare the earlier photos taken before transportation. Also, leave your feedback and share your experience with future customers.