Furniture Shipping

Do you need someone to help you with furniture shipping? An excellent pickup-to-delivery experience is possible if you choose the right transport company. Shipedi is here to help connect you with the experts that will provide unmatched service for the lowest shipping rates.

Choosing Shipedi makes the shipping process more manageable. We will match you with the best transport companies in the UK. Choose the transporting service provider that meets your requirements and get the job done.

Why Choose Shipedi for Furniture Shipping?

Shipedi uses a reverse auction bidding system. You can post a listing explaining the services you need, and transport companies will send you free quotes for the services they will provide. Get shipping with the one that suits you best!

Our experts verify the transport companies that contact you on Shipedi. By verifying each company, we can guarantee that your services will be high-quality, secure, and the best in the UK. We assure you that your items will be in capable hands.

All the transport companies that create an account with us have public profiles. You can see Their reviews and ratings from their previous customers.

Once you post your transport request with the relevant information, transport companies will send you quotes for the job. Afterward, you can discuss the details, such as the date, payment method, and anything else you want to know. Once you decide on hiring the best company, you can accept the quote and discuss further details.

The best thing is the quote that you request is completely free. We always put customer experience first. We put you first. That’s why you should choose us.

Tips on how to prepare your furniture for shipping

Measure The Furniture which you are planning to move:

To provide the most accurate quote, furniture delivery companies need to know the exact dimensions of the item. Including the crate or box in which you will put your furniture. In addition, Some transport companies limit their size, which will help you avoid them and focus on the best options.

Take Pictures Of Your Furniture:

If your furniture gets damaged during transportation, these pictures can prove the furniture’s condition before shipping. While the companies on our website are verified and experts in what they do, you should still take these precautions.

Choosing The Best Transport Company:

Before deciding on a transport company, you must research and find the best options. Look at the reviews and ratings of their other customers. What was it like working with this company? Narrow your list and decide on the right choice for your delivery request. Additionally, you can compare quotes, review their ratings, and communicate with them.

Ask questions like:

  •  Do They handle national or international shipments? 
  •  Will they do small or large furniture shipping? 
  •  Are they going to be moving single or multiple items?

Unquestionably It would be best to learn all of these before accepting a quote.

Contacting the company:

Once you have accepted a quote and hired a company, you can share specific details about the job. Furthermore, the details include the exact time of pickup and delivery and other relevant information about the transit. In addition, keep in touch with the company so they can keep you in the loop about your progress and any problems you might have.

Indeed, those are the only steps you need to take. Finally, get your furniture transport quote now with Shipedi, the UK’s leading furniture transport marketplace.

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