How can i register?

The process of registration is free for transport providers. You must click on "Sign up," choose "I'm a Transport Provider," and fill in the fields.

Or you can click on "Do you offer transport services?" and register as a transport provider.

I created an account as a transportation provider, but I am unable to send quotes. Why is this?

After you create your transport provider account, you must be verified by the Shipedi support team.

You must complete your transport provider profile and upload your transport company documents (company registration certificate, identity card or passport, and transport insurance). After your documents are verified, you will be able to send quotes to active listings and win new jobs.

How can I win more jobs on Shipedi?

If you'd like to win more jobs on Shipedi, we recommend you the following:

  • Complete your profile.
  • Upload a photo to your profile.
  • Be active every day on Shipedi
  • Upgrade to Professional Bidder if you haven't already.

How can a Professional Bidder subscription help me?

A professional bidder subscription is a powerful tool that can help you win more jobs, be more competitive, send quotes more easily and receive tips for winning more jobs.

I received a negative review from a customer that was unfair. What can I do?

If you are subscribed as a professional bidder, you can send an email to to explain why this is an unfair review and to send evidence. After that, our support team will investigate if the review was unfair or not.

How can i register?

The process of registration is free. You must click on "Sign up," choose "I'm a customer," select if you are a private person or a company, and fill in the fields.

Another method to register is to choose to create a customer account using your Facebook account.

To register on Shipedi as a customer, you can click on "Get Quotes." Choose a category for your item, fill in the fields about what item you need to transport, and at the end, fill in the information about creating your account.

How can I request a quote to transport my item?

To request a quote on Shipedi, which is very easy and free, you must:

  • Click on "Get quotes"
  • Choose a category for your item.
  • Fill in the fields about your item, collection address, delivery address, and optionally, you can add photos and a description for your item.
  • Complete the "Create account" section (if you don’t have a customer account)
  • Submit a new listing

And then you wait for professional transport providers to send quotes.

How can I receive more quotes from Transport Providers?

To receive more quotes from transport providers, we recommend you try the following:

  • The listing title should be as clear as possible.
  • Upload one or more photos of what you want to move.
  • Include item specifics

Transport providers need clear information about what you need to transport in order to send you their best quotes.

Can I make my item more visible to transport companies or can I promote the item that I want to transport?

Yes, you can. You can promote your item when you create a new listing, or after that, you can choose between the medium package and the premium package.

If you choose a medium package, your listing will appear at the top of the pages and will attract more attention from transport companies.

If you require immediate transportation, it can be very helpful for transport companies to know. With the Premium Package, your listing will appear at the top of the pages and will have an urgent badge.

How do I know when a transport company will send me a quote or a message?

When a transport company sends you a quote, withdraws or changes a quote, you will receive an email notification about the activity.

When a transport company sends you a message, every time you will receive an email notification.

It will be very simple and easy to be in touch with the transport providers.

Any time you can go to your Dashboard and check you listings and messages.

Is my personal data safe if I register Shipedi?

Yes it is safe to register. Shipedi takes place in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC and national data protection legislation.

For more details on the processing of personal data, please see the Privacy Policy.



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