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Sending a parcel with a reliable transporter is essential due to the following factors:

  • To send a parcel promptly
  •  To protect your item or important document
  •  Providing peace of mind
  •  Enhance customer satisfaction
  •  Save you time and effort

However, finding a reliable transporter to send a parcel takes time and effort. Therefore, Shipedi has made it easier for you by requesting a free quote; top-rated shipping companies will offer you their services. Upon receiving their offer, you can compare their services and check their online reviews from previous customers. As a result, you will find and choose a reliable transporter that meets your needs.

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You can list your parcel on Shipedi in a few steps by clicking on get a free quote. Describe what you need to send. Add details such as:

  • Select the category (boxes and parcel)
  • Enter collection and delivery addresses
  • Weight and dimension of the item
  • Whether the item is fragile or not

Once you have finished posting, wait for transport service providers to start bidding on your request and send you their offers. Compare their services, communicate with the service provider, and ask the questions you need to know before accepting the offer.