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If you want to transport cars across the country or beyond borders, Shipedi offers free car transport quotes, saving more than 75% on shipping costs. Transporting cars can happen for various reasons, and we know how stressful it can be to plan and find reliable car transport services. Take the hassle out of car shipping today – get your free quote now and experience convenient, affordable, and trustworthy transportation solutions for all your vehicle needs.

You require car transportation because you might have bought a car online, vacationed, or moved to another city or country; the list is long. Regardless of why you need car transport, by choosing Shipedi, you can have peace of mind.

You can find the best car transport services to transfer your car from the UK to France, Germany, Spain, or any other European country.

How to get Free Car Transport Quotes?

All you need is to list your car by clicking on get free quotes with some basic details such as:

  • Choose cars icon from the list of services if you are on get free quotes page
  • Or From the drop-down list of categories, choose cars
  • In the collection area, write the location address of the pickup point
  • In the delivery area right the destination address, the place where you are planning to move your car
  • Give your title and the cars make and model

That’s all to submit your request for car transport quotes from various transport companies. If you need help requesting a quote, our live customer care is there to help you. For that, visit our contact page or click on the live chat widget in the right corner to send us a message, and we will reply within a minute.

There are hundreds of registered car transport service providers on our platform. All the reliable, verified transport companies will send you their cheapest and best offers when you request a free quote. You will receive free quotes from companies that ship cars all over Europe in just a few clicks.

Selecting the best transport company for you is easy and safe. Our transportation experts verify all transport companies; moreover, every company has transparent profiles where you can see reviews and feedback from previous customers. You will find companies that can transport all types and sizes of vehicles, such as electric, hybrid, new, classic, or even luxury.

The best thing is shipping your car with Shipedi can save you up to 75% on the cost of transportation! Get free car transport quotes now and compare our best deals, services and prices.

Car Transport Quotes For All Types of Services

Before making a decision, knowing the different types of car transport services is essential for saving shipping costs and availing the best car transport quotes for your needs.

Open car transport:

The open trailers are multi-car transporters that transport up to ten cars in a single journey, and they are the lowest-cost vehicle transport option. With an open trailer, your car shares the platform with other vehicles; therefore, open car transport quotes are the most economical. It is the primary car shipping method used in Europe and the UK. However, the only downside is it exposes the car to the outside elements. If you own a luxury or a classic car, an enclosed car transport service is recommended. 

Enclosed car transport: 

The enclosed option will load your car onto a container-type trailer. Its fully enclosed environment protects the vehicle from outside elements and road debris. It is an expensive option compared to open transport. Most of the time, owners of Vintage and luxury cars prefer enclosed trailer transportation due to its maximum security.

You can also choose a single-car transporter, where the transport company will transfer the car inside a container without sharing. However, shipping a single vehicle without sharing costs much higher. Most people use this type of transportation for precious vehicles such as sports cars.

Door-to-door car transport:

It is a service where the transport company pick up and drops off a vehicle at the customer’s specified location. Instead of a terminal, it provides more convenient car transport. It also includes a more personalised service with a more precise delivery time frame, but more expensive than terminal-to-terminal transport.


With terminal-to-terminal car transport service, customers drop off or pick up the vehicle at designated transport terminals or centralized locations. Car transport quotes for this type of service are typically less expensive than door-to-door service and may have more flexibility in a time frame.

Expedited shipping: 

Expedited shipping is a service where car shipping occurs on an accelerated schedule. Transporters offer this service for an additional fee to meet a specific deadline. People use this service when a vehicle is needed quickly and can’t wait for the regular delivery shipping schedule. 

Driveaway car transport: 

With a Driveaway, an individual driver drives the vehicle to its destination. This method can be more cost-effective than shipping via truck, but it also has more risks associated with the transport. Since an individual is driving the car, weather, traffic, road conditions, and other factors can affect its performance. It is useful when the owner needs an expert to conduct a unique or custom-made car.

Car Delivery Cost

When deciding to transport your vehicle, you need to consider the cost. The transport cost will largely depend upon the requirements for your delivery. For example, the car’s weight, whether it’s in running condition or not, and the distance you are transporting. How the vehicle will be transported (closed trailer or open trailer) will also impact the price.

Each car can require different delivery methods from others. Offering all the details to the transport companies will help you get accurate car transport quotes.

How to Prepare Your Car for Transport

After finalizing and accepting the car shipping quote, follow the tips to prepare your car:

  • Prepare the documents for the vehicle that the transport company needs.
  • Clean your car on the outside and inside before shipping.
  • Remove expensive and valuable items from the vehicle.
  • Check the mileage of the vehicle.
  • Check the car’s fluids and their level.
  • Take photos of your vehicle from the outside and inside to have evidence of damage.

In summary, at Shipedi, you can find many car transport services to meet your needs. There are open and enclosed transport options for door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal services and expedited and international shipping options. Customers can choose the service that best fits their needs and budget. Consider the cost, delivery time, and protection your vehicles need when requesting car transport quotes. Moreover, before accepting a shipping offer from a transporter, check their previous customer reviews. Checking previous customer reviews can help you understand what service you will receive and what you can expect from the transporter. Shipedi believes in transparency to offer the best car transport services to its clients.