Motorcycles transport with 75% discount on Shipedi

By: Matthew

The best way to transport motorcycles over long distances is by truck with a transporter. You also need the help of a transport company when you need to transport more than one bike. Moreover, buying a motorbike online is yet another reason to hire a transporter.

Whatever the reason, choosing the right transport company is the secret to a successful delivery. Shipedi is the solution for hassle-free motorcycle transporting services with a more than 75% discount. In this guide we are going to explain the service in more details helping you in your agent finding hunt. Lets get started!

Getting Quotes from Multiple Motorcycle Transport Companies

The best method of finding and ordering a service is by researching and asking through various service providers. This method has been long used since centurions, as it lets you understand the market, the services offered with its costs. Therefore using this method is also a winning tip when searching for motorcycles transport services.

Searching various transport companies and asking for recommendations is time consuming. Therefore the smartest and fastest way is to find a place where you can get quotes from multiple transporters with a single request.

With Shipedi, finding hundreds of motorcycle transport companies is a matter of few clicks. All you need to do is to request free quote and all the companies that transport motorcycles will send you their offers describing their services with the price. The secret to hire the best is to compare their services and prices as well as their customer reviews.

What is the booking process for Motorcycle transport?

By requesting a free Motorcycle transport quote and providing a few details such as your bike’s pickup and drop-off location with its make and model. After receiving offers you can further discuss their insurance policy, their pickup and delivery dates and the necessary documents.

Get your free quote

When you’re ready to transport your scooter or motorcycle, you can head to Get Quotes and choose a category. Simply fill in your information, publish it and wait for your transport quotes to come flying in.

Professional transport companies will compete against each other for your job. This means that the price will be driven down as each company tries to win the job and you get the best possible deal!