The advantages of finding transport companies online

By: Matthew

If you haven’t tried to find a transport provider before, it’s time to dump her and move on. And if you still have doubts, Shipedi shows you the advantages.

1. It’s more convenient and you save time

This is one of the most obvious advantages. You can be anywhere in front of your computer, tablet, or phone. Don’t waste time calling, sending messages or emails, looking for hours and hours without knowing if that transport provider is the right choice. Everything happens from home or from your office. Post your delivery on Shipedi, make comparisons, make your decision, accept the quote, and receive your item where you want it.

2. Transport companies can offer you very good prices.

Most of the time, the transport companies offer much lower prices for you to transport your car, furniture, motorcycle, or something else. The reason is very simple: they go that route anyway, and they want to use their truck to the fullest, whether they are transporting cars, motorcycles, furniture, or even if they are a removable company. So, the prices are considerably lower.

And on the website, you can always find the transport company that is willing to negotiate the price with you.

3. Shipedi is open 24h a day

You can find your transport company at anytime you want, whether it’s 2 a.m. or 2 p.m. It is as easy as visiting and publishing a job.  All you need is access to the internet, and 5 minutes!

4. You Can Compare Quotes From Transport Companies.

When you are looking for transport companies yourself and you start calling or sending emails, you end up confusing them and you don’t know what the price was. But when you add your delivery to the site, you can easily compare prices. Either enter your dashboard and see the quotes, or check your email address. This way, you will immediately find out not only which has the lowest quote but also what advantages each transport company offers.

5. Every Customer on Shipedi Can Find Transport Company.

We try to make Shipedi safe and easy to use. In just 1 minute, you can make your delivery visible to all our transport providers, receive their quotes by email or check in your dashboard, compare shipping prices, and we have a wide category of items that you can ship. Here is a list of categories:

  • Furniture Transport
  • House Removals
  • Car Transport
  • Boxes & Parcels Transport
  • Motocycles & Scooters Transport
  • Other Vehicles Transport
  • Pallets Transport
  • Freight Transport
  • Boats Transport
  • Pets Transport
  • Musical Instruments Transport Other Deliveries

help you make your decision.

Get your free quote

With all of these advantages in mind, you can head to Get Quotes to get your items shipped! Simply fill in your information, publish it and wait for your transport quotes to come flying in.

Professional transport companies will compete against each other for your job. This means that the price will be driven down as each company tries to win the job and you get the best possible deal!