Car Shipping to Germany With a 75% Discount on Shipedi

By: Matthew

Are you in search of an ideal car shipping to Germany? If so you have hit the right spot! Shipedi offers both reliable and affordable car transportation to Germany from any European country, that includes the UK as well.

There are many reasons for using auto transport Germany, as visiting and exploring Germany is an unforgettable experience. You need a car to plan a memorable holiday or move there for any other reason. Having and driving a car makes travelling much more enjoyable. It will be easier for you to travel and do things at your own pace. The German highways are well maintained, and the roads are excellent. You’re in for a treat if you’ve never driven in Germany.

But before deciding on car shipping Germany, you must know how it works. Therefore, stay with us as we explain every detail of car transportation to help you find and choose the ideal service.

Car Shipping to Germany vs driving it

Driving in your car from any EU country seems like a fairy tale, but practically, it comes with challenges. Besides adding wear and tear to the car, you will drive on tiring, dangerous highways. Therefore, We highly recommend car shipping to Germany, especially if you are moving more than 500 km away. Driving the new car is easier when you drive around 200 to 300 km, even though it will add mileage with wear and tear to the new vehicle. But going for longer distances with an older car is even more tiring. Therefore, shipping is the best idea. A trailer or enclosed truck is a safer and healthier alternative than driving your vehicle on its tires for all those km.

Cost factor of Transporting cars vs Driving

When you drive your car to Germany, you must consider the expenses of maintenance, fuel, hotel, food, and any other unexpected expenses along the way. However, opting for car shipping to Germany is a one-time fee and most preferably cost-effective for long distances. The shipping companies will take care of everything, avoiding any car damage during shipment and the danger of driving on highways. Therefore, the only thing one must be careful about is to find a reliable car transport UK to Germany for a hassle free experience.

Top companies for shipping cars from UK to Germany

One must select a reputable and reliable transport company for car shipping to Germany. Additionally, if you can save on shipping costs, it becomes a cream on the top. Therefore, we recommend Shipedi to find transporters where both conditions can coexist. 

Shipedi is a platform with hundreds of car transport companies from all over Europe. Furthermore, we ensure that every transporter has a valid license, insurance, and experience. Besides Germany, you can also find car transport to Poland on Shipedi. By requesting a simple free quote you can compare prices with services from various transporters. We help customers save time and effort getting quotes from multiple websites and companies. Moreover, you can check clients’ reviews on each transporter’s transparent profiles and third-party websites like Trust Pilot. Choose Shipedi for your international car shipping from UK to Germany or car transport Poland from and to anywhere else in Europe.

The Top 10 Things That Make The Shipedi an Ideal Car Shipping Marketplace

  1. On Shipedi, only verified transport companies can send quotes after the support team confirms if that company is genuine.
  2.  At Shipedi, you can choose a transport company based on its performance and the client’s best reviews.
  3.  You can check if the transport company is insured.
  4.  Choose reliable payment methods.
  5.  You can check whether the transport company is a reliable one.
  6.  It is easier to compare different quotes and prices.
  7.  Checking the number of transport services and projects completed and accepted is on their profile.
  8.  On Shipedi, transport companies offer low and affordable prices, which you can compare with their client reviews.
  9.  Shipedi is fast and reliable; once you place the shipping request, you will receive quotes from different car transport companies within a few minutes.
  10.  Shipedi is the most trustworthy name in the online car transporting market.


Shipedi offers a secure platform where only verified companies for car shipping to Germany can provide free quotes, ensuring authenticity and reliability. Clients benefit from choosing transporters based on performance, reviews, and insurance status. With transparent and secure payment methods and the ability to quickly compare quotes and services, Shipedi streamlines the selection of a reputable transporter. Its fast and reliable service and affordable pricing make Shipedi the top choice in the online car transport market. It provides peace of mind to customers seeking trustworthy shipping solutions. Request a free quote today and save more than 75% on shipping costs!