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Find Easier Spain to UK and UK to Spain Car Transportation

There can be many reasons to look for Spain to UK car transport. Who wouldn’t like Driving in their car exploring a rich culture on exotic streets of the UK or Spain? Historically both countries have a lot to offer. The excellent living style and top-tier transportation system are some of the many to admire about these two countries. Indeed, if you want to explore UK or Spain, You can not do it better than driving in the comfort of your car.

Are you looking for a reliable company for Spain to UK car transport? We offer affordable and reliable transport services between UK and Spain. As a car transport Marketplace, We work with hundreds of trusted Transport providers both in Spain and UK. We ensure that your vehicle reaches its destination safely and on time. With our service, you can get an instant free price quote based on your pickup and destination locations.

Choose The Best Company for Spain to UK car Transport

We offer a range of services for transporting cars across Europe with door-to-door services between any European country and the UK. Our website provides the best user experience and information on how to get a quote in easy steps. You can find accurate details about insurance requirements and customs regulations of each European country where we deliver cars. You can easily find a weekly car shipping service from Spain to the UK by requesting a free quote today. Transport service providers on Shipedi are also fully insured, and their drivers are all CRB-checked. The CRB Check ensures the safety of the cars and other goods during transportation.

Our transportation services will cover both ways. Whether you are transferring a car from Spain to the UK or from the UK to Spain, we are here to help.

Besides vehicle transportation between Spain and UK, we also offer car transport to Spain from Germany.

Compare Shipping Costs for Spain to UK car Transport

Generally, it may cost you around £900 to £1400, along with the VAT but without customs clearance. The prices vary on different factors and may change. Due to current political turmoil, prices are high; therefore, the prices you see on other websites aren’t present. However, Shipedi offers a user-friendly car listing engine for Spain to UK car transport. The machine automatically chooses the best transportation solution for you by requesting a free quote. Since Shipedi is the car shipping marketplace, numerous transport companies register on its platform. The transport companies offer quotes on a reverse bidding system, giving you the best service for the lowest prices.

We Only hire reliable transport shipping companies in Europe so that you can experience peace of mind during transit. We strive to give you the challenging lowest prices compared to other transport companies and marketplaces in Europe. The shipping companies compete when you list your car and request a free quote. As earlier said, bidding takes place on a reverse system, and the company offering the lowest price wins.

How can you Save Money on Spain to UK car transport?

Saving money is something everyone enjoys. No matter what you buy – grocery shopping, designer clothes, or travel tickets – saving money always makes sense. So it is also apparent when people like to save money to transport their car. Wouldn’t they?

Car transportation cost depends on the location in Spain and where you want to ship it in The UK. It also depends on your size and type of vehicle and whether you need an open trailer or an enclosed trailer for shipping. Choosing a country closer to your home also lowers shipping costs. Although if you need door-to-door services, the prices will be higher. Even though this is more convenient for you, choosing a terminal-to-terminal transportation service is economical. Further, drive the remaining distance by yourself.

Following are some valuable tips for lowering the cost of your car transportation

Request multiple Quotations

You can compare and use the ideal quote for your car transportation by requesting multiple quotes. However, obtaining multiple quotes from different transport service providers takes time and effort. Luckily on Shipedi, you can have numerous quotes by requesting only once. Shipedi is the Marketplace with hundred registered transport companies. Therefore when you request a single quote, all of them compete for the same job. You will receive multiple offers and quotes; among them, you can select the one which suits you best.

Choose open trailer

Choosing an open trailer can reduce the cost of your car transportation. An open trailer carries multiple cars, so your vehicle will share the truck with other cars. Dividing the expense of shipping and reducing the price on individual vehicles. Open trailer car transportation is the most common method used in Europe and around. Therefore their availability is not a problem as well. Moreover, they are considered safe, and we ensure the transport providers provide 100% protection and safety during shipping.

Be Flexible in choosing the date

Suppose you are not in a hurry and emergency plan your car transportation ahead of time. Extra time for pickup and delivery allows the services provider to schedule the transfer of your vehicle according to their schedule. As a result, they will offer you a discount and a lower price for the transfer.

Be wise to choose the right season

Mostly the summer times are higher in demand and in season time for moving cars due to holidays and vocations. Therefore, planning to drive a vehicle in winter is the best option if you have no reason. Avoiding the business season, which is summertime, will help you reduce transportation costs.

Select Terminal to terminal Shipping

The most expensive part of transportation is when a carrier loads your car and delivers it to your door. It is costly due to its comfortability option. Therefore choosing Terminal to terminal shipping can save you money. You must drive your car to their facility and pick up your vehicle after they deliver it to their destination address. Moreover, only park your vehicle at their site for a short period, as they will charge you for storage.

Be Sure your Car is in Moving condition

The car is driven carefully on trails before being placed on the carrier and fixed with ropes and hocks. Shipping companies employ cutting-edge machinery during pickup and delivery to load and unload your automobile. In addition to advanced technologies, additional labor will be needed. The loading and unloading machines will cost more if your car is not in moving condition. Therefore you should keep your vehicle in a moving state to avoid additional expenses.

Size does matter

Smaller cars cost less than larger ones due to occupancy on the track and adding extra weight if you are moving a vehicle smaller than that. It’s a plus point to save more money on shipping.

Shipping multiple cars

It is best to move all the cars with one company at one time if you are traveling with a group or have more than one car to ship.

Check the company’s profile for its customer reviews

When considering car transportation, choose the lowest bid because it is affordable. Take your time researching the company and ask for reviews when a quote seems too good to be true.

With Shipedi Book a Car Transporter That Gives you Peace of Mind

An affordable and cost-effective solution.
● The latest shipping technology and the most durable shipping equipment ensure better protection.
● We’ll take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry or hassle.
● The transport companies will provide insurance coverage while the truck is under their supervision.
● You can customize your transport by choosing from various services and features.
● By using professionals, you reduce the risks associated with auto transport.
● The transport company will guide you through the process, explaining anything you might not understand.
● Discounts or special rates may be available if you meet the requirements.

Shipedi provides affordable auto transport services throughout Europe. Companies registered with Shipedi have served thousands of clients with thousands of positive reviews. Regardless of where you wish to ship your car, Shipedi will organize the entire process. Additionally, it will deliver your vehicle as safely and efficiently as possible.


Question: how much does it cost to transport a car from spain to uk?
Answer: Generally, it can cost between £900 to £1400, but various factors can also reduce or increase the price. It depends on the type of transportation mode you select and what model of vehicle you are transporting. Moreover, is it a new or an old car, and what is the distance between pick up and destination?

Question: How to save money when shipping a car from Spain to the UK?
Answer: Request a quote from multiple sources and transport companies, choose an open trailer, be flexible, and ship it in the off-season. Additionally, select the Terminal to terminal transportation method. For more detailed information, read this article.