Transport a Car to Spain From Germany or Vice Versa

By: Matthew

Transport a car Spain From Germany and return

You can transport a car to Spain as it is easy to save money on shipping costs. Using a car in Europe is also a great way to avoid driving on unfamiliar roads. Learning how transportation works from one place to another is essential before you start. This article covers different methods and information regarding moving a car from Germany to Spain and vice versa.
Finding a reliable company to transport a car from Germany to Spain can take time and effort. The best way to relax is by looking at an online marketplace for car transportation. We recommend it because that is where you will find affordable and reliable car transport companies based on customer reviews. The transport companies will show how they perform transportation services on transparent profiles. The ones with the best reviews rank higher on the list.

How to find the best deal to transport a car to Spain from Germany?

When you request for transport a car quote, Within minutes, you will receive a personalized email from our transport companies. Each of them offers the best deal by competing with each other. To find the most affordable price for moving a vehicle, request a quote on Shipedi with the following details.

  • Your car pickup and delivery addresses in Spain and Germany
  • What kind of car is it, what model is it, and when was it made?
  • What method of transportation do you require for your car?
  • Any special request, such as a car with belongings or any other request

What are the best methods for transporting a car to Spain from Germany?

There are different types and methods to ship a car overseas, especially to Spain from Germany.

Car Hauling Services:

In this service, a car carrier trailer elevates your vehicle on a platform, usually accompanied by other vehicles. It will then drive to a centralized destination location, where you can easily pick up the vehicle. If you are shipping a vehicle long distances, a car haul is the best and the most affordable option. Many car owners use this method to ensure their vehicles reach their destinations safely within their budget.

Private Car shipping services:

You can transfer your car confidentially without sharing the space with other vehicles. Although this is the same as car hauling, it will deliver the car to your personalized location. You can choose either your office or home for this vehicle transporting service.

Enclosed Trailer Transport Services:

Enclosed trailers will protect your car entirely from outside elements. It carries one or two vehicles maximum, delivering cars quicker than previously mentioned services. This type of transport is the best if you are transporting a luxurious vehicle, such as a vintage or sports. It is a little expensive choice for its features of loading and unloading the cars with care into enclosed trailers.

Driving your destination:

By optimizing this service, you will hire a professional driver who will pick up the car and deliver it to your destination by driving it. The only factor to remember is that driving your vehicle to your destination will increase the KM and mileage of your car.

Home delivery with Hauling services:

With hauling services that deliver your vehicle to a centralized location, You can still use home delivery services. Without picking up your car from a central location, you can have it at your door steps using this service.

How to prepare a car for shipping?

To begin with, you will need to look after the following steps yourself.

  • Preparation: Remove all personal belongings from the vehicle
  • Check the vehicle condition: Make sure the fuel and fluids levels are correct and take note of how it performs as a whole
  • Involvement of documentation: Prepare all documents required, especially if it is a sale
  • Evidence: Take photographs of your car before the transport to serve as evidence

Do companies at Shipedi transport a car to Germany from Spain?

Yes at shipedi companies offer car transportations both ways between Spain and Germany. We also transport cars between UK and Spain. Shipedi provides a wide range of shipment options. There can be a wide variety of destinations. Not only do we transport a car to Spain and Germany but also Internationally to any European country. Access to the best network of experienced and specialist transport companies sets us apart from our competitors. Through hard work, we have built a trusted network that moves thousands of cars annually. With such a vast experience chain, we can meet our clients’ needs unlike anyone else.

Services provided by Shipedi include:

  • We provide vehicle collection and delivery services in Spain, Germany, France, the UK, and Italy.
  • Transport of high-value racing and vintage cars between Spain, Germany, the UK,
    France, and Italy
  • The management of fleets for corporations in Spain, Germany, the UK, France, and Italy

Conclusion for transporting a car to Spain from Germany

Transport Companies at Shipedi is a concierge service for all types of transportation, whether it is car transport, furniture transport, house moving, or any other type of shipping. It is our job to move the precious things of our customers when they request them.
Let us transport a car to Spain for you, Request a quote today and feel the difference with the best.


Question: How to ship a car to another country?

Answer: A car shipping marketplace is the best option because you can find different car transporting companies in one place. Each company replies with the best offer when you ask for a quote. You can then check each company profile and see their previous jobs with customer reviews. There you can decide better to choose them based on their performance and best price.

Question: What do you mean by shipping and shipping address?

Answer: Shipping means transferring or transporting valuables from one location to another. The shipping address represents the destination you want your valuables to reach; it can be your home or office.

Question: What is the best car shipping company for shipping a car to your desired location?

Answer: The best transporting company is their timeliness and professionality. Find a company that cares for its timeliness and sees its customer’s views by reading their reviews about them. Check how they deal when their schedule changes. That is the main point where you can find out about them. The best transportation services will keep you updated when a sudden change occurs. At the same time, the lousy transport company will save you frustration without updates.