Car Transport to France Free Quotes with 75% Discount on Shipedi

By: Matthew

Are you looking for the best deals on car transport to France? If so, then Shipedi is going to surprise you by not only offering the best deals but also top-quality services with safety. When transporting a car to or from France, one must understand the services, methods and tips of the car shipping industry.

Doing so can avoid putting yourself through an ordeal, plus saving car transportation costs. It is possible to transport cars Between France and Germany, the UK, Spain or any other European country with Shipedi. Request a quote from our hundreds of feedbacked transport providers. Compare their prices and pick an excellent delivery offer to save you 70% on cost. Lie back and relax while your car is delivered with optimum protection.

How easy car transport to France is with Shipedi?

Shipping car to France can be simple and easy if you plan it sufficiently. Getting free quotes from our top-rated transporters in advance will give you enough time to prepare.

First, you must decide which car transport service is best for your vehicle. The cheapest option can be opting for car transport to France by an open trailer with door-to-door or terminal shipping services. Opting for such a service will save your car from wear and tear and add mileage.

You can also choose enclosed trailers for extra protection, often recommended for high-value vintage cars with slightly additional cost.

When you decide which type of vehicle shipping is best for you, it’s time to select the company to transport the car. Taking the time to check the reviews of each transporter is highly recommended.

Essentials to know before car transport to France?

The registration of a car imported from the EU countries into France requires two documents.

  • You must request a certificate of conformity from the manufacturer if you do not have one. Alternatively, you can get an RTI if that is not available.
  • A quitus fiscal (or fiscal certificate): a document attesting to the clearing of VAT. Importing a used vehicle from the EU requires no VAT so you can get the certificate for free at your tax office (either online or by mail).


Shipedi specializes in car transport to France with personalized transportation methods, services and shipping costs that save you more than 70%. You can quickly find the best car transport from France to the UK or car transport Belgium, Germany, Spain and the rest of Europe with free quotes. Choose from our network of experienced and reliable French and international car haulers. Get a customized quote based on your requirements for your vehicle transportation with optimum protection.


Question: How can you save money on car transport uk to france costs?

Answer: Request free quote from Shipedi, which will help you compare prices from several transporters to find the best deal. Secondly, Shipping during off-peak seasons, such as winter, may be cheaper than during peak seasons, such as summer. Choosing the open trailer method will also provide you with the best deal.

Question: What are the best ways to transport my belongings to France from Germany?

Answer: An online transport marketplace is the best way to find a reliable company. Online car shipping marketplace offers many advantages. Such as, you will be able to find many transport companies under one platform. Different transporters will view your request for shipping your belongings. The transport companies will bid on your request and offer you the most affordable quote. Afterwards, you can decide which company is the most suitable for your job.
Additionally, you can read their customer reviews and ratings on their profiles. It’s essential to research and compare different companies to find the best price and service. Also, remember to take photos of your belongings before handing them over to the transporters.

Ready to transport your car between France and Germany?

Finally, if you want to move your car from France to Germany or vice versa, Get free quote now. Let our team of experienced professionals ensure smooth and stress-free car transportation. We offer various services to meet your needs, including open and enclosed trailers, terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door delivery. Contact us today to get a quote and start planning your car transport.