Car Transport to Italy from UK Find Easy Quotes on Shipedi

By: Matthew

Are you searching for a reliable company for car transport to Italy from UK with the best deal? If so, Shipedi is the best and most reliable choice for saving more than 70% on cost. However, there are a few essential steps to know before deciding, as it only happens sometimes. When looking for a reliable shipping company, you must consider the car transport companies’ affordability, safety, insurance, and services. In this article, we will explain each of them in detail so that you can make the best choice. 

Car Transport to Italy from UK with Affordability:

Shipedi is an online car transport marketplace, where you can find various International car transport companies for car transport to Italy from the UK. When a customer requests a free quote, all the transport companies will receive it and start bidding by offering the lowest quote. Each car transport italy to UK company will compete to provide you with the best deal. As a result, the customer will receive the lowest possible offer. There are many advantages to requesting a free quote on our platform. There is a higher chance that we will match your request with a transport company already heading to the destination where you are sending your car. As a result, you can get a booking on the truck already on the move. They only have to make a couple of detours to deliver your vehicle. Ultimately, this can result in 70% savings.


Car transport companies at Shipedi provide reliable and safer service for car transport to Italy from UK or vice versa. The car transport Italy companies on our platform provide reliable and expert methods to move your cars using various type of shipping trailers. Cars are safely collected using open or enclosed car carriers by our experienced team. Furthermore they are loaded on the shipping trailers and containers securely their loading facilities. It is the safest and most reliable method for shipping new and used cars, including classic, exotic, and race cars.


Before any car transporter registers on Shipedi, we make sure they have a license and insurance. Moreover, every car transporter on our platform is bound to provide car shipping insurance to the clients. While finalizing the offer with any transporter, compare their insurance policy with other transporters so that you can select the best one.


Shipedi offers collection and delivery of cars in any part of the UK and Italy. You can collect and deliver your vehicle anywhere in the UK and Italy through our network of quality transport companies. Moreover, you can enjoy terminal to terminal or door to door pick and drop services. However, you must remember opting to any service may come with slightly extra cost, a hint for saving on cost is to choose terminal to terminal pick and drop solution.

Assured Services of Car Transport to Italy From UK and Back Again!

The English Channel makes reaching the UK slightly more complicated than other countries. Especially For the ones who are not experts in driving on the left side. So it is vital to leave the transportation of your valuable car in the hands of experts. Shipping companies at Shipedi offer smooth car transport from UK to Italy – and back again – professionally and quickly.

Through Shipedi, car transport companies move many cars annually throughout Europe. Mainly between the UK and Italy, UK and Germany, UK and France, UK and Spain. As well as returning from each of these European countries to the UK. As a result, They know almost everything about shipping cars between these European countries. It is second nature to the companies listed on the Shipedi to have complete knowledge of shipping cars in the region. The customs formalities, insurance concerns, and the necessary understanding of how a valuable vehicle can survive such a journey. Transport companies at Shipedi have all the expertise that car transportation may require.

Preparation Before a Car Transport to Italy from UK

  • Ensure you carry the proper paperwork when driving or importing it to Italy. A certificate of export from the DVLA is required if you are exporting a car permanently. You also need proof of car purchase, a UK license, and a tax receipt. However, your UK tax discs will be valid for six months.

  • It would be best to have a complete car checkup from inside and outside and clean it. This procedure will help your vehicle from preventing damage while letting you check if there are any scratches after the transport.

  • If you are transporting a car you bought online, make sure from the seller that it is in running condition.

  • In case of transporting a new vehicle from the UK to Italy, make sure you pay its VAT. A car driven for less than 6000 km or bought six months before entering Italy will be considered new.

  • Click here to find out more about how to tax your vehicle in the UK.

Please feel free to request a free quote today to find out more details about car transport from Italy to the UK. And leave all the matters of transferring your vehicles to the professionals’ hands.


Question: What is the cheapest company for car shipping from UK to Italy?

Answer: The car transport marketplace is the best method to find the cheapest deal to transfer a car from the UK to Italy. At Shipedi, hundreds of Car transport companies will compete with each other to offer you the cheapest quote. All you need to do is requesting for a free quote. You will receive many offers from which you can choose the most affordable deal.

Question: For how long can I keep my UK car in Italy?

Answer: As far as the UK government is concerned, they allow you to keep your vehicle outside the UK for 12 months. But on the other hand, in Italy, you can keep the car for only six months. Therefore, you’ll need to register it in Italy if you want to keep it longer than six months.